Artists on Craigslist

I’m not the hugest fan of Craigslist, because you never know what you are going to get. But I can’t help myself from searching on there everyday to see if something new and entertaining has shown up!

Why is that?

For instance, the Art or Shit? video. Just two guys, a black guy and a Jewish guy, talking about shitty art and whether or not it is actually indeed art.
Or the search for the Best Griller. How did that end up in the arts section? I guess culinary arts counts too.

At any rate, I am hoping to attend the Renegade Crafters Fair tomorrow with my good friend who also just moved to Chicago. How exciting! Renegade Crafters! Sounds like this will be just up my alley. I’m hoping to make a few more contacts, network, find artists like myself who are out there trying to present themselves in the hopes that someone will find their work interesting enough to purchase it or at least strike up a conversation about it.

It’s not easy being green(green in the business, that is).

However, I remain hopeful.

My internship has started off, and things are going pretty well. It’s a lot to learn, and I’m still getting the hang of it, but it HAS only been two days. So, hopefully my supervisors forgive me for my learning curve. Can’t get everything right the first time. I will be organizing the Thanksgiving Day Parade, which makes me REALLY want to stick around for Thanksgiving, but I know that my fiance would be heartbroken if I did not come home with him this year as promised. And I will come home, because I think I will be a tiny bit homesick by then. I do miss Minneapolis. So many wonderful people, so many wonderful businesses, so many wonderful dancers.

I want to come home to ND and MN just to see it all again!

P.S. I’ve gotten a new pancake mix. NOT as good as the past ones. Gluten-Free Mama, I believe. Much to much rice flour. It’s very…. ricey. They are good, though. Just not the texture of the pancakes I remember. It makes me miss my old pancake mix… :(. I’ll start posting recepies again once I begin cooking again, when my life settles down a little. :)

Until then, keep it wheat free!

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