I have always felt that August is a month where I wait. Wait for what, you might ask? I feel like it goes back to the tension that builds before school begins at the end of August. It was a time to anticipate, get ready, get excited about the start of a new year. It’s more exciting than New Year’s… Read more →



Action Shot 2 Brick House Grill 7 10 14

I am now a percussionist, because I finally have my drum. And it went on tour this July!

The above photo features my new music project, The Summer Coats, with singer/songwriter Chase Daniel Burkhart on voice and guitar, and me on voice and tap drum. The floor you see in the photo was designed by my good friend, Steve, who created it from my imagination from multiple types of hardwood in his little studio in Minneapolis. It’s the only one of its kind, and is actually a hollow box with a hole out the box (three holes, actually) that allow the air to be pushed out of the box just like a bass drum. It has a lovely, reverberant sound and we didn’t even need to mike it the entire three gigs that we performed while on our tour in North Dakota.

Thanks to Steve, and the inspiration of another good friend Max Pollack, I finally have a portable board that actually sounds a bit like a hand drum in recording instead of tinny tap shoes. There will be more photos and update coming as we begin to do open mics in Minneapolis. The process has been slow, but worth it.

Interested in hearing the board in action? You can find a few of our songs on Soundcloud here!

Interested in getting updates on shows? You can find our Facebook page here!


Action Shot Brick House Grille 7 10 14

New Town, New Rug, New Cat

Life has taken some twists and turns. Instead of staying in New Mexico I have found myself back in the Midwest. I will miss the red chile, the beautiful Rio del Pueblo and the Taos Mountain. I will miss my garden, and chickens, and my new job assisting the activities staff at the living center. But life became difficult between… Read more →

Let’s Begin My Summer Giveaway!

Now that I’m past my first summer craft show, I think it’s time to share some summer loving. So, I’m beginning a summer giveaway of scarves and other merchandise from my store. I’ll also try to include some merchandise from other shops I admire, although I’m still working on that part! Regardless, free stuff is fun. So, let’s begin the… Read more →