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going home/leaving home

Posted by on Nov 26, 2011 in 1a_homepage, buy nothing day, buying local, home, north dakota, traveling | 1 comment

  I didn’t take any pictures while I was home. I kept forgetting to take out my camera. Or maybe it was that I just think that cameras get in the way sometimes of actually experiencing the moment. But I still wish I had taken a few. Home and I always seem to travel further apart from each other in many ways. The distance becomes harder to span, the food begins to seem foreign, and it becomes harder to explain what is going on in my life to family and friends. My generation is a...

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t-shirt shag rug tutorial

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in blue, buying local, Chicago, christmas, concious consumption, craft, design, diy, eco friendly, generation t, gifts, recycled, room decor, rug, shag rug, tshirts, tutorial, upcycled, waste-free | 144 comments

  Here it is, finally! My shag rug is complete. I love how it feels under my feet, and if it starts to look a little flat, I pick it up, shake it, and it fluffs right back up!  It took some time but I finished it and I’m glad I decided to make one. You can too, especially if you like to cut up t-shirts but never know what to do with the scraps afterwards. The scraps from my scarves are perfect candidates for making a rug. And this craft is very easy, even children can learn...

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Finding Local Food – The Quest for Fresh

Posted by on Sep 2, 2010 in buying local, farmer's market, half acre brewery, local food, mushrooms | 2 comments

As a youngster, I remember looking forward to seeing pick-up trucks pull into the Prairie Hills Mall parking lot and put up handmade signs advertising “Corn for Sale” or watching them set up tables full of tomatoes. Farmer’s market time! Well, guess, what? It’s that time again! The focus for Wednedsday’s No Impact Challenge was food. What better way to lower my impact then to take a trip to the nearest farmer’s market? Although Brandon and I spent most of...

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