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Dia De Los Muertas Del Chicago

Posted by on Mar 27, 2012 in 1a_homepage, Chicago, craft, diy, etsy treasury, gift guide | 0 comments

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t-shirt shag rug tutorial

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in blue, buying local, Chicago, christmas, concious consumption, craft, design, diy, eco friendly, generation t, gifts, recycled, room decor, rug, shag rug, tshirts, tutorial, upcycled, waste-free | 144 comments

  Here it is, finally! My shag rug is complete. I love how it feels under my feet, and if it starts to look a little flat, I pick it up, shake it, and it fluffs right back up!  It took some time but I finished it and I’m glad I decided to make one. You can too, especially if you like to cut up t-shirts but never know what to do with the scraps afterwards. The scraps from my scarves are perfect candidates for making a rug. And this craft is very easy, even children can learn...

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Critical Mass on the North Side of Chicago

Posted by on Aug 14, 2010 in bicycle, bicycle information, Cher, Chicago, critical mass | 0 comments

I attended the North Side Critical Mass today, and although it rained halfway through we were able to enjoy a fabulous karaoke bicycle for most of the ride. In honor of my first Critical Mass, I want to honor some fabulous bicycling blogs and websites to check out in order to inspire you to get out there and ride the nearest Mass near you! Photography by Bob Kastigar Vote With Your Feet- Blog by John GreenfieldNorth Side Critical Mass- Website with great info on the Mass, specific to the...

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Sean O’Connor Photography and The EYE!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2010 in Chicago, eye, harold washington public library, photography with natural light, sculpture, sean oconnor | 1 comment

 Photo by Sean O’Connor Yup, I love photographers! This is the month of great photographers. I recently was lucky enough to work with the very talented Sean O’Connor, who you can find at I particularly love his work with motion photography. Too bad I can’t show you here, but that means you will have to go to his website to check them out. Lately, I’ve been recovering from being very busy with sewing, work, and just...

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Temporarily Taking a Temporary "Holiday"

Posted by on May 6, 2010 in apartments, bed bugs, Chicago, exterminator, holiday | 1 comment

My fiance and I are going on a “holiday” of sorts. Unfortunately, it is because we are having our apartment exterminated this Friday at noon. And our holiday unfortunately is sandwiched in a evening between two full days of work. What a holiday! So, at the moment you will be seeing less of me, as I will be battling the beg bugs in our apartment until they are gone and I no longer receive bites of love which leave giant welts on my legs and back. I should post pictures. They are...

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M is for Meeting You in the Middle

Posted by on Apr 16, 2010 in Chicago, choices, crossroads, meeting, wings | 3 comments

Gorgeous image by Mel Kadel- Her website This image doesn’t even show half of what she has to offer, so you must check her out yourself. **** Here I am, meeting you all in the middle of our A-Z challenge. It is a strange, seeing our letters merge at this point. Sooner than you think, it will be May, and we will merrily be on our way, but I know that I will have fond memories of meeting many wonderful people through my little blogging journey. Of course, meeting in the...

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