t-shirt shag rug tutorial

  Here it is, finally! My shag rug is complete. I love how it feels under my feet, and if it starts to look a little flat, I pick it up, shake it, and it fluffs right back up!  It took some time but I finished it and I’m glad I decided to make one. You can too, especially if… Read more →

W is for Water Around the World

Just decided to check out some of the UN’s statistics about water. After reading Summer’s Blog at “and this time, concentrate!” about drinking a lot of water for detox, I though it would be interesting to take a different perspective about water around the world. Here’s what I found out by visiting UN Water: 1. Only 2.5% of the world’s… Read more →

Swiffers vs. The Dust Bowl

My mother gave me a Swiffer to clean my apartment with. However, I have never had the heart nor the money to purchase those silly Swiffer refills. Swiffers are great little tools, except for the icky disposable cleaning pad idea. As if we did not have enough paper towels, tissues, disposable diapers, and on and on and on going into… Read more →

Grandma’s Sock Monkey

Going waste-free. Sounds very new-agey. Not so when I think about my grandparent’s farm. Old milk carton= container for food scraps to be compostedOld sock= rag used for cleaning greasy car partsCarrot tops= yummy soup garnishChicken feet= soup broth Yes, some of these things kind of make you squirm, but nothing went to waste during the Depression. Everything had a… Read more →