Please enjoy my works as a dancer.

I both perform and choreograph, and am most interested in jazz, tap, and social dance. I also study tango, the lyra, and burlesque. I’m always interested in collaborating with artists of different disciplines and have worked with writers and musicians in the past.

Currently, I am working on a music/dance project with a singer/songwriter. I also improvise at the Aster Cafe in Minneapolis on Sunday afternoons with Patty and the Buttons.



I’ve enjoyed working with the following companies-

  • Scooter Club
  • Jump Rhythm Jazz Project (Scholarship Student)
  • Chicago Tap Theatre (Apprentice)
  • Keane Sense of Rhythm

I’ve also choreographed for many projects including-

  • Chicago Freelance Dance
  • University of Minnesota Dance Program
  • University of Minnnesota Opera
  • Bryant Lake Bowl 9×22
  • Ball’s Midnight Cabaret


Choreography: Stormy Weather from Molly Stoltz on Vimeo.

Littlest Things Part 1- Choreographed by Molly Kay Stoltz from Molly Stoltz on Vimeo.

Littlest Things Part 2 from Molly Stoltz on Vimeo.

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