Mover, Maker & Creator

MK Arts

MK Arts, previously known as Rags by Sock Monkey, is getting a face lift!
Rags by Sock Monkey was created by Molly Kay Stoltz to combat consumerism and make functional art out of unwanted materials. It is an eco-friendly clothing company dedicated to creating unique and wearable art that is both functional and fashionable!
Rags by Sock Monkey is focused on selling products on Etsy. However, she has sold her items throughout the U.S., including at Reconstructed Clothing Co. (Seattle, WA), the Catalpa Gift Shop (Fridley, MN), Frankie’s on the Park (Chicago, IL), and Green Home Experts (Oak Park, IL). Its goals are to become an established and affordable eco-friendly wearable art and home decor company that appeals to fashionable consumers concerned with the earth. Rags by Sock Monkey plans to gain exposure by creating new products and by seeking shops that appeal to this audience.
Not only does Rags by Sock Monkey focus on using pre-owned materials and halting  consumerist culture, but it also aims to give back.  5% of its profits are donated to the Red DoorAnimal Shelter of Chicago. This no-kill shelter is dedicated to finding loving, long-term homes for dogs, cats, and rabbits.
The clothing designed by Molly Kay is made for ambitious fashionistas of diverse ages who love clothes that can be used for both work and play.  Molly Kay initially began designing t-shirts for dancers like herself who were looking to spice up their dancewear with unique shirts that were easy to wear and wash. She has since expanded to everyday wear and rugs and has also designed eco-friendly dance costumes.
Eco-friendly clothing is a growing market trend, so Rags by Sock Monkey believes that the future for its products is bright! Although larger companies may have the ability to create large amounts of product, Rags by Sock Monkey believes that its commitment to creating little waste, its unique look and DIY attitude, and its affordability will lead the company’s success. Rags by Sock Monkey is currently a sole proprietorship but the company hopes to expand in the near future!